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The NYX Hotel

London, UK

Client: Garuda Design

Project Type: Public Areas


project summary

Garuda Design asked us to curate the artwork for the ground floor reception, bar and restaurant spaces. Art Loves commissioned pieces from luxury brand Jimmie Martin best known for his fabulous hand painted furniture.


Sara Pope well known for her bold, seductive paintings of lips, on this occasion we added a pop of neon! Dan Baldwin with his vibrant style blending abstract and figurative and Myrtle & Mary where imagination is everything.


The perfect fit for the urban culture of a NYX hotel project, a collection of lifestyle boutique hotels in prime locations all over Europe.

services required

  • Sourcing artwork for public areas

  • Bespoke commission

  • Managing Print & frame

  • Curation on site


Screenshot 2023-06-20 122201.png
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