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Siam Thai

Dublin, Ireland

Client: O'Donnell O'Neill

Project Type: Artwork for restaurant area

& stairwell

Siam thai restaurant

project summary

Siam was a lovely project with a very clear direction provided by the client O’Donnell O’Neill, a simple elegant 1930’s Hollywood vibe, with lots of black, gold and amber finishes. We provided Deco/1930’s art styles that we are able to purchase as prints/book plates/cigarette cards and reproduce as prints.

The stairwell alone required 60 pieces of artwork to be hung in varying sizes and shapes, curated on site by eye with the art loves team. Exactly the type of project we love.

services required

  • Artwork sourcing

  • Print and frame

  • Installation


Screenshot 2023-06-20 152110.png
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