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Staycity Core

Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris

Client: Staycity & Wilde Core

Project Type: Public Areas

Front of Staycity building in Dublin

project summary

Staycity is a leading apart hotel group operating in Ireland, UK & Europe. It has two brands, Core and Wilde. To date, Art Loves have designed, supplied and installed artwork for Staycity Core in multiple Dublin locations, Paris and Frankfurt.


The artwork was designed in house specifically for this client, this approach benefits the client for a number of reasons, it removes any licensing issues and it means we can easily amend the size/orientation and colour of the artwork. Printing and framing in large volumes can have it’s complexities and managing all artwork in house helps to keep the production process smooth.


The large volume of prints for this client required a lot of project management pre-production and on site. Each project is unique although the artwork remains the same for continuity with the brand the locations and requirements to install or supply only vary. We supply only to Europe and install anywhere within UK & Ireland. On occasion a contractor may install and require supply only. staff at Art Loves are CSR approved. We will supply RAMS upon request and have all the required insurance policies in place to work with any size of contract.

services required

  • Bespoke design

  • Print and frame

  • Project management

  • Install

  • Curation


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