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Dublin, Ireland

Client: NODA Architecture

Project Type: Public area artwork


project summary

Appointed by NODA for the Morrison Hotel, (Hilton Group) we sourced, commissioned and also produced the artwork required as part of a large refurbishment project. This included most importantly the hotel reception, every bedroom and all the suites...right in the Art Loves sweet spot! We really revel in this kind of project.

Part of our commission included sourcing all the objects for shelving curation; books, plants and objects, working hand in hand with the client - everything that would make the hotel reflect its personal character. The individuality of this commission was key; the brief required both art and curation to be specifically Dublin-centric and was only to be created by Dublin/Irish artists and makers.

The creative concept in the reception area was centred around a poem put forward by NODA by Stephen James Smith, a Dublin poet and playwright central to the rise of the vibrant spoken word scene in Ireland today. A large original painting was commissioned by Art Loves with Gary Robinson, a visual artist who lives and works in Ireland. Primarily a painter, incorporating collage, handwriting, typewriting and overheard conversations in his work. The perfect collab and a fabulous piece too.

services required

  • Custom-commissioned artwork for bedrooms and suites

  • Custom-commissioned painting in collaboration with Dublin Poet for lobby

  • Gallery art wall in reception

  • Print and frame all bedroom art

  • Curate all artwork

  • Source all shelving curation

  • Installation


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