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What is Corporate Art, and why buy it?

What is corporate art, why buy it - and why it's important. Find out more here...

What is corporate art, why buy it - and why it’s important.

What actually is corporate art? The word corporate can conjure up ideas of faceless organisations, boring spaces and grey suits, but in reality, corporate art is all around us – even in fast-food bars!


Companies that collect and display art, whether they’re global or local, are aware of the significance art holds in the wellbeing and productivity of the individuals who see it. They’re also aware of the role art plays in conveying a variety of non-verbal messages to clients and customers who encounter it when entering buildings or spaces.

Art is a great way of imbuing places with a sense of the identity of the company itself, without overtly shouting it from the rooftops. Great art can help attract and retain employees, inspire and improve their productivity, or help clients decide that your business is aligned with their needs. Restaurants are a great example of using imagery and art to help people decide they want to eat there – it’s important to get it right!

Why do companies use art consultants?

Companies consider their art collections to be part of their social responsibility, a way of spreading the proceeds around locally and also a great tool to interact with the wider community. Again, it’s important to get this element right in order not to alienate people. For smaller organisations the rule is the same, getting people to come to eat or shop or stay with you is crucial to success; how better than to create a buzz with locally produced and sourced art? Highlighting local culture and community creates a bridge between the workplace and its surroundings.

The best way to get this right is using an expert, who can craft collections that help a company project its identity; it’s really an extension of the firm’s marketing and communications efforts. Companies might invest in the work of local artists to invest in their communities and cultivate support, but if you’re a big corporate with many outlets, how do you know where to start? This is where a skilled consultancy comes in. They use consultants who have solid networks already in place to make the job easy, streamlined and creatively possible.

Choosing the right consultant for the job is crucial to the needs of the business. For example, an organization that displays unusual artwork is likely to be seen as conducting business in less traditional ways – does the consultancy have the network to get art to suit? Do they have the creativity to serve the need?

Public art is another flashpoint – art that needs to illustrate issues of common concern and collective identity like hospitals or in hotels, experience and sensitivity to the nuances of this type of installation is imperative.

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