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The Urban Nest

Dublin, Ireland

Client: 21 Spaces

Project Type: Artwork & Curation for restaurant area


project summary

The Wren is Ireland's first net carbon place to stay. Our art services were not required on this project, it was mostly shelving curation, something that we love to source! Based on the nature of the venue’s sustainability and history of the building (an old theatre) we were mindful of the sourcing of the curation items, the vases/pottery were all made by local makers.


The majority of the books were all vintage/second hand and the objects were all vintage based on had references to the theatre. We also commissioned three beautiful bespoke wall hangings from locally sourced Mourne textiles. All in all, a delightful project and beautiful interior by our client 21 Spaces.

Photography: Ruth Maria Murphy

services required

  • Sourcing of all curation

  • Sourcing and managing local makers

  • Install/Curation on site


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